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Efficient Ways to Market Your Home When Selling as an FSBO

It’s not easy to sell a property without a top-notch marketing strategy. Therefore, one needs to consider all the possible ways to market their home when trying to sell it as a so-called FSBO (For Sale By Owner). If you plan to sell your home like this, you’ll appreciate the information we’ve prepared for today’s article. In it, we’ll show you the most efficient ways to market your home when selling as an FSBO. Stay tuned to find out how to sell your home quickly and for the best price!

What exactly does FSBO mean?
If you’re trying to sell your home in the FSBO manner, you’re your own real estate agent. You’re taking on the responsibilities of an experienced realtor. This includes placing your home on the market and advertising it in the best possible manner to potential buyers. All in all: you’re on your own!

How to market your home when selling it as an FSBO?
Now that we’ve deciphered the acronym, let’s consider how you can market your home when selling as an FSBO.

1 Use social media to your advantage
As we’ve implied above, you need to think and act like a realtor. Therefore, you should know that agents find many new clients via certain social media platforms. Post your home on social media and see if you can get your friends and relatives to share it. Think about the way you’ll introduce your home to people: a high-quality video walk-through might be a better idea than a photo album. It might have a stronger impact. Also, share invitations to open houses and make a lasting impression by offering various snacks, beverages, and brochures.

Consider paid marketing
Do you have a few bucks to spare? If that’s so, you might want to think about investing them in paid social media marketing. Promote your posts on Facebook or Instagram to attract potential buyers in your real estate market. You’ll be able to monitor your paid campaigns to see what impression your home’s making on the viewers.

2 You can always try Craigslist
Now, this is one creative way to advertise your home. Although it sounds a bit weird, Craiglist can be utilized as an FSBO platform, no doubt about it. Since the platform’s multi-niche, nothing is stopping you from marketing your home right there. The website has a whopping 50 billion page views in a single month. You don’t want to miss out on that large of an audience.

3 Advertise on regular FSBO platforms
That’s right; this one might be the most obvious way to market your home as an FSBO: online real estate portals. You can try out Zillow or Trulia, or Redfin. All of these enable you to post your home free of charge or for a nominal fee. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Also, top-quality FSBO platforms are probably the first place where buyers are.

Your best bet is to post your home on online FSBO listings.

4 Bond with your local influencers (networking)
Here’s another suggestion: you should partner up with your local influencers. To be more precise: team up with the so-called micro-influencers, local people with a decent number of followers who are usually considered niche experts. For instance, if a local moving company is very popular, you can tag their page and, in return, ask them to promote your soon-to-be ex-home. It’s the good old: you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your type of situation. You’ll quickly notice this works like a charm, as they say! Also, if you’re in California and you’re relocating once you sell the place, let experts help you out. Residential movers in Cali are considered the best on the West Coast.

5 Social media, once again, but with more fun
There’s something we forgot to add to the social media paragraph: use memes and gifs to boost your property’s popularity on the web. Nowadays, everyone’s into hilarious internet content such as memes and gifs; it’s not just the kids. You should include these types of content in your social media strategy since you’ll be able to hook prospective buyers with some good old humor. It’s also the most interesting way to market a property, don’t you agree? You’ll have tons of fun while doing it.

6 Make sure that your photos are PERFECT
Don’t even try to sell your home as an FSBO if you don’t have high-quality photos of it. Made by a professional photographer, that is. It’s one of the most common mistakes homeowners make: they post low-quality, poorly-lit, grainy photos that are quite unattractive to people who browse online listings. You should either hire a professional photographer or do the photos yourself. Browse the web for some tips on how to make perfect real estate photos.

7 Try not to hide flaws with marketing
If you’re trying to hide something so hard, most buyers will notice something’s fishy. Therefore, you should steer clear of doing such a thing. For instance, imagine there’s a home posted on a listing, and you’re only able to see the exterior. Needless to say, most buyers will avoid ever considering that property. Also, if a certain flaw is discovered during the inspection of your property, that might result in lowering the price you’ve set. All in all: let the flaws be known. You shouldn’t exaggerate them, but you shouldn’t hide them either.

8 Sometimes, it’s best to rely on word-of-mouth
Remember the good old days of marketing? This was an obvious beginning of a little talk about the word-of-mouth strategy when selling your home as an FSBO. In the simplest of words: get the word out! You can do this by calling and emailing your contacts. You never know what kind of people you can reach via this method. Also, think about reaching out to local mortgage brokers. Let them be aware of your FSBO listing. They might have someone to send your way!

Final words on the subject
Dear readers, these were the ways to market your home when selling as an FSBO. As you could’ve read, you mightn’t even need a real estate agent after all. By investing some time and effort into a solid marketing strategy, you’ll sell the property in the quickest manner possible. Until next time!

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