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Seller’s Guide

Although the motive behind developing FSBOHomeListings was to help the sellers in finding the potential buyers along with the advertisement of sales. But having number of potential buyers can not make you seller until the deal is closed you can not be seller. in order to sell the property you have to convince the buyers in all phase of sales. Even an interested and needed person investigates each and every part of house and until he is convinced he hesitates to decide either he should buy home or not.

There are number of first time seller who use of services therefore We have the feel of responsibility of helping the person in selling the house. Here we are some tips which can empower a seller and can help him in turning a potential buyer into the BUYER. Writing this article was also essential because our sellers are not hiring property agents who can help them in different phase of sales.

As an property owner you can be asked different questions regarding property and as there is no mediator between you and buyer who can explain on the behalf of you to the buyer, this should be perceived essential from buyers point of view and you should be ready with facts and figures to answer the buyer. Here are some common question which are normally asked and you must know the answer of.

  • Who was the previous owner of home?
  • When this was built?
  • Is there any loan on home?
  • Is there any overdue of tax or bill over home?
  • Who are the actual owner of home, like may be you are selling the home but the actual owner could be your wife, parents or children?
  • How do you want payments and what will be token money?
  • What are the amenities, you are going to give with the home?

There can be more different question along with the one question which will surely be asked is related with the negotiation. Yes, every buyer wants to reduce the price of home as it is understood that every seller tags more price than the actual market price so buyer try to reduce the price. Here you are supposed to reply intelligently so that deal can be sufficed with maximum profit. It would be excellent to decide the bottom line of price negotiation before the meeting. Otherwise you have to recalculate before the buyer to avoid the loss which will not be a good action and here, the buyer can dumb you.

After the meeting it is almost clear that the deal will advance or not therefore if it is seem to you that deal is going in right direction you should make preparation for legal proceedings. If you are not a regular seller or a newbie then should consult with your friends, relatives and colleagues to share their experience. Even after you feel some difficulties you can take the help of advocates.

We hope that this article will be helpful not only for first time seller but also will be liked by regular and experienced sellers. in addition to this you can visit our safety tips page in order to use our website in better way to find the genuine and potential buyers.

If you have any concern with our service or any query then please feel free to contact us, we also welcome feedbacks to improve our services.


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