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Safety tips for buyers & sellers

FSBO Home Listings is committed to take care of all measurements for the safety of its users. Here are some safety tips for buyers as well as sellers which will not only help the users in using the website in better way but also help them in accomplishing the motto for using the website.

Safety tips for home buyers

At the time of searchings at FSBOHomeListings.com

Although we try at our level best to remove and stop fake and misleading listings but even after there may some listings which are not legitimate so here we are giving some measures to escape from such missuses of website. Buyer should ignore listings in following cases:

  • Ignore the repetitive listings
  • Listings without proper contact information.
  • Listings without enough description.
  • Listings other then FSBO Homes.

At the time further proceedings after selecting home

if you have chosen home to buy then you have to visit he seller’s home or office for further process as you are not familiar with the seller and don’t know his character therefore you must be careful while visiting him. Here are some safety tips.

  • Ask your family “where are you going”
  • Ask a friend or relative to join you while visiting seller.
  • Manage the meeting in the day rather then in night.
  • Carry your mobile phone.
  • Do not keep large cash.
  • Avoid any kind of disputes.
  • End the meeting intelligently if you find something wrong.
  • Don’t give your acceptance over buying or not buying instantly.
  • Keep it formal meeting not a business meeting.

Safety tips for Home sellers

At the time of posting the listing at FSBOHomeListings.com

Every seller posts listings with the aim of getting buyers from us but mull over the reasons if you do not get what you want. Yes there are some adverse conditions when your efforts can go in vain. Please ensure yourself to make worth listings as we accept only legitimate listings.

  • Do not duplicate your listings please follow the rule of “one listing for one property”.
  • Provide proper and whole contact informations including mobile number, address, and name.
  • Provide proper category to each listings.
  • Do the postings of only FSBO Homes.

At the time further proceedings for selling home after listing

After listings if you find interested buyers then before you start further proceedings you should keep some security measures in mind as you are not acquainted with buyer.

  • Try to initialize the deal with cell phone, on call try to know the buyer if you assess him potential buyer then go ahead otherwise deny him intelligently.
  • Tell the buyer to brings some ID proofs and income certificate to know that he is qualified buyer or not.
  • Ask about his work, current locality and home.
  • Ask why he wants to buy new home.
  • If he is selling his old home then why he is doing so.
  • Do not go for conclusion in first meeting.


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