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Improvements to Make Before Listing Your Home for Sale

If you’re getting ready to enlist your home on the market anytime soon, there are a couple of things that you should know beforehand. Among those things, there are certain pre-sale improvements you can make to your home to increase its value. That’s precisely what we’ll talk about in today’s article. Therefore, stick around to grab some valuable tips on improvements to make before listing your home for sale!

1 Give your front door a clean and fresh look
Let’s kick-start this seller’s guide by mentioning one of the not-so-obvious improvements that give a surprisingly good ROI. We’re talking about giving the front door of your soon-to-be ex-home a new look. Various studies have shown that you’ll significantly boost your home’s curb appeal by repairing one of the first things your potential buyers will see once they arrive at your address. Even if you can’t afford to buy a new door, make sure the old one looks good. You’ll do this by giving it a good old power wash and a fresh coat of paint. Also, consider adding a new doorknob, house number, or name plaque since those additions can make a significant difference. Lastly, keep this in mind: you want your home’s front door to look better than those of your neighbors.

2 What about flooring?
Did you know that just by replacing the old carpet or simply repairing the flooring, you’ll make an improvement that 26% of folks in your situation make? It’s one of the most common improvements to make before listing your home for sale. Say you’ve got a bunch of rooms with different types of flooring. If that’s so, your best shot is to invest funds into new flooring for your home. You want to create a seamless feel throughout the property you’re trying to sell. If you’re able to afford a wooden floor, you’re good. If you can’t, it’s not abig deal – new carpeting can still be one of the major selling points you’ve got on your hands. Lastly, here’s a small tip: always go for a natural color rather than an “exotic” one.

3 Decluttering to the rescue
Not a single buyer wants to see a totally cluttered home that looks more like a hoarder’s den than a place where someone could live. So, one should never underestimate a clean, tidy room and its impact on the buyer. That’s especially evident if we’re talking about the major areas of your home: kitchens and bathrooms. Also, think about whether there’s simply too much furniture inside your home. Too much of it might make your home appear smaller. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a more minimalist approach, just like you’d downsize once your retire. Your buyers need to see a bit of space so that they can imagine giving the place their own touch. You don’t want your home to appear too personal and crowded with items that scream your name (photos, various design ideas that make sense to you only, etc.).

4 A kitchen makeover, anyone?
It is no surprise that kitchens are the central point for many buyers, including those visiting your home. In other words, the kitchen is the one thing they’re willing to pay more for (if it’s the kitchen they like) or replace immediately after the sale. Let’s say a total kitchen makeover seems too costly for you. There’s nothing to worry about. That’s because you can make some improvements that won’t be so hard on your budget. We’re talking about painting units, replacing cupboard handles or doors, adding top-quality lighting, etc. Also, ensure your kitchen is completely devoid of clutter to make the best first impression.

5 Update your roof
Most buyers will want to inquire about your home’s roof. If it’s too noticeable that your roof has seen its better days, you won’t have a good chance of impressing your buyers. However, your roof most probably needs a couple of improvements here and there—simple repairs, that’s all. A total replacement will require your roof to be entirely shot. The good thing is that a roof replacement will pay for itself. While we’re up there, let’s talk a little about pest prevention. Birds are known to do some fine damage to roofs—especially in Las Vegas (punching holes in isolation, etc.). Therefore, you should think about hiring bird control services, as pros can deal with this in no time. Also, if you’ve realized you need a total roof replacement, make sure that it matches your home’s style. If your home isn’t luxurious, an over-the-top roof will make it look bad.

Three people standing on a broken roof.

If your roof is in dire need of repair, you’ll have to do it before you put your home up for sale

6 Give your exterior walls a fresh coat of paint
Let’s talk some more about curb appeal. Here’s our main point: no one likes to see a muted, peeling paint job on the exterior of a house. We’re not counting those who have a thing for decadence. The so-called uncared-for appeal of your home won’t really attract any buyers. So, consider giving the exterior walls of your home a fresh coat of paint. Also, if that’s already taken care of, you might want to focus elsewhere. For instance, you can do a good thing for your home’s curb appeal by paying attention to the trim. Oh, and we forgot one thing: try to paint your home in a manner that won’t make it stand out from your neighborhood aesthetic.

7 One last thing
Last but not least, let’s consider giving your carpets and rugs a makeover. You can do this by deep-cleaning or simplyreplacing them. Here’s why that’s important: torn carpets can influence your buyers to think about what else is wrong. The power of association is surprisingly strong here. Just put yourself in the buyers’ shoes.

Final words
These are some improvements you can make before listing your home for sale. As you could’ve read, none of these repair ideas demand you to invest a lot of money, time, or effort. On the other hand, the ROI you’ll gain will most definitely put a smile on your face. That being said, what are you waiting for?

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