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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What is FSBO?
FSBO stands for “For Sale By Owner” means a seller is selling his property without involving property broker or agent.

What Your website is all about?
FSBO Home Listings offers an absolutely free platform where FSBO home sellers and buyers meet with their requirements. Like a buyer can find his dram home here by searching on our website and a seller can find an interested buyer by posting the ad of FSBO home for sale. This is what our website is all about.

What quality make you UNIQE?
Our better service makes us UNIQUE, we always try to update and make our service better than others. Like promote latest ads on social media so that seller can get more potential users in less time and saves buyer from fraud by restricting fake ads on FSBO Home Listings.

What Properties can I list at FSBO Home Listings?
You can list any housing property which is to be sold by owners including Homes, Houses, apartments, condos, lands, commercial properties and many more.

Do you charge commission, if I find customer from you?
No FSBO Home Listings does not ask for any fee or commission in any condition even though seller finds buyer or not. FSBO Home Listings is 100% absolutely free website for buyer and seller both. There is no hidden charges also.

What do you do to stop fake buyer & seller?
We constantly follow a user of our website if we find something deceptive or against our policy we stop him to use our website. Furthermore we update our policies continuously to prohibit Spam and fake users.

How can I make direct contact to the administrator of website?
Please visit our contact us page to make direct contact with the administrator of FSBO Home Listings. In any of case including any query regarding services, content of the site, our privacy policy or for giving feedback you can contact us.

How can I delete my ad?
You must be logged in order to delete your post, if you are not then please log in and click on dashboard there you will find options of the manage listing where you can delete your post.
Log in – Dashboard-Manage Listings-Delete

How can I edit my ad?
Click on dashboard after logging in your account there you will find the option to edit your ads.
Log in – Dashboard-Manage Listings-Edit

Why categorization is so important?
Categorization is so important because it is all about tagging your post at right place therefore a prospective buyer can find the required ad. Categorization feature helps buyers and sellers both, without proper category neither a seller can find right buyer nor a buyer can find the prospective home, but the success of this feature is totally dependent on the advertiser that how perfectly he categorized his home.

What do you do to stop fake posting?
Only registered users can post ads on our website and we accept new registration after verification. We also investigate all listings, we immediately erase the ad if we find something against our ad posting policy.

How many ads I can post on FSBO Home Listings?
AT FSBO Home Listings there is no limit for posting ads, an advertiser can post as many ads as he requires with the restriction of “one post for one property”. We erase duplicate ads and also advice users to post one ad for one property.

In what condition my ad can be erased?
If you are not following our ad posting rules then your ad can be erased without notifying you. Your account can be closed if you continuously break our rules. It is advisable to all yours, to read our ad posting rules before posting. There you will also some advices to write a perfect ad.

How long my ad will appear in your website?
We do not erase ads till they expire automatically, we request ad publishers to delete their ad if their deal is closed otherwise there listing will be live and interested buyers will try to contact them continuously.

How will I be notified if someone is interested in my ad?
We ask you to provide your complete contact information so that an interested buyer can contact to you in case of liking your property. Personally we do not notify you if someone is ready to buy your property.

Registration and login questions

Why registration is necessary?
Although registration is not required, you can search homes without registration, but to take advantage of Free Listings there is need to register yourself on FSBO Home Listings. Registration is essential in order to stop fake users and listings.

How can I register myself on FSBO Home Listings?
In a few very easy steps you can register your self on FSBO. For registration you must have an valid email ID because we need to validate your authenticity and in case of forget password you can use the email ID to reset your password. Visit the registration page to register yourself.

Why I am not able to login in my account?
In one of the following circumstances you may prohibited to login.

Without validation : To suffice the registration, you require to validate your email ID after that you can login into account. To validate your account visit your email address, which you have used while registration, there you will receive an email containing activation link from FSBO Home Listings. By clicking you can activate your account.

Forget password or Wrong password : If you are using wrong password then you will not be able to login. Please again and use right password. In case you have forget password visit the forget password page. There you will have to submit your email ID of associated account after that we will send you a forget password link on your provided email ID. By following which you can reset password.

How can I reset my password?
You are required to visit forget password page in order to reset your password, There you will have to submit your email ID of associated account after that we will send you a forget password link on your provided email ID. By following which you can reset password.

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