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Advantages of Owned Home Over Rental Home

Biggest happiness is Being the owner of home

There will be no one who will raise his hand at the question of willingness of owning home. Yes it is dream of one and all to own his home, and every one tries once in his life make this dream true. Why people are so interested in buying home even though they can live in rental homes also, rental homes have there own advantages like people can change the home any time, there is no financial burden and no need of huge investment. But even after people give more importance to owned home on home rentals. Definitely there will be logical and genuine reason behind this tendency, we thought over it and sort out some factors which have been described below.

Person who is willing long term benefits will definitely buy the home. From the future prospects we all know that the value of the home certainly increase, only in some rare case we can see the devaluation in property otherwise home prices always increase so definitely a person who is investing todays will receive huge return on investment. In simple words, no one can deny the fact that buying home is an investment not an expense.

Those who thinks that they can save money by taking the home on rent will repent on there thinking if they don’t change it. Almost everyone takes loan to purchase home and in return he pays certain amount as monthly installment. there will be no huge difference between the amount of the rent of house and installment of a house if you will compare these two. But what matter is, after some years tenant will be tenant, he will get nothing on the amount as rent, he has paid till today. While on the other side the borrower will be owner of the home.

Advice by FSBO

Nowadays there is no need of huge some of money to be landlord you can give some little amount as token money and rest of the amount can be paid with the help of loan. So is advisable to everyone, who has some extra useless money, should prefer to buy home rather than to be a tenant. Nothing can give you more happiness than being the owner of home, be the owner and leave the life in your own way.

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